Classical Vocalists

For the classical vocalist, Dr. Muñoz strives to offer an environment of excellence in which the healthiest development of the vocal artist can be achieved. He sees that each student be nurtured as an individual and given the opportunity to attain a firm understanding of vocal pedagogy, lyric diction, song literature, performance practices, and all other aspects that help develop an expressive and sensitive singer. More importantly, he aims to provide all of his students with information that will help them teach themselves. 

For the hobbyist interested in studying classical voice, Dr. Muñoz' desire is that they are able to acquire from the teachings of voice, skills that will serve them well in their daily endeavors. Many students profess to attaining a new-found confidence or simply a greater sense of calm upon studying voice.

Whether your focus be on an operatic career, upcoming college auditions, or preparing to sing in your local chorus, Jess Muñoz will partner with you as you work to achieve your goal.


"Dr. Muñoz, you lit the spark of artistry in my soul, and everything you've taught me I continue to take with me onstage." 

                            -Brian Fenderson
Baritone, University of                                 Delaware Alum and Member                              of the Metropolitan Opera                                  Chorus