Musical Theatre/Contemporary Commercial Vocalists

For the musical theatre and contemporary commercial singer, Jess Muñoz presents a clear description of vocal technique that allows for much needed flexibility within genres and styles. Having first begun his career in the music theatre industry, an awareness of contemporary styles are innate in him. With formal studies in theatre from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory (CCM), Dr. Muñoz is aware of all the traps within the artist's emotional state of being that can encumber an authentic engaging performance voice of mannerisms and tricks.

The ultimate goal is that students be able to produce healthy and communicative singing capable of telling the story. Though instructional methods are founded on classical principals, contemporary singers will find that they are able to achieve greater stamina, range, and versatility with Dr. Muñoz's straightforward and accessible approach to the physiological and psychological components in pursuing professional work, adequate support is available in terms of type appropriate repertoire and career advice.


"Jess Muñoz is the best voice teacher I have ever had.  He understands how the voice functions more than anyone I know.  With each lesson, I am able to sing with greater ease, assess all the areas that are troublesome, and enjoy what I am singing a whole lot more.  His constant patience and understanding with me and my voice has helped me work consistently in the Broadway musical theatre world.  I recommend him to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their voice!"
                                           - Tony Yazbeck