VOICE LESSON POLICIES (Effective May 15, 2020)

1. FEES -- $80 per hour lesson paid at each lesson with cash or check. Online lessons may be paid via paypal or venmo. No lessons are given on credit and no postdated checks are accepted. Any returned checks must be reimbursed with added fees. If you have more than two payments returned, you will be put on a cash only basis. Please discuss any extenuating circumstances with me.

2. LESSON SCHEDULING All lessons are scheduled through email.  The normal teaching schedule is Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm, year-round. Lessons can be scheduled no more than one month in advance.  All lessons will be at the University of Delaware studio or online.  To schedule a lesson, email me at IJMunoz@udel.edu

3. CANCELLATIONS -- Please notify me as early as possible if you will have to miss a lesson. If a lesson is missed without a minimum of 48 hours notice, you will be expected to pay for that lesson before receiving any other lessons.

4. ACCOMPANIST -- For an additional $25 fee, a pianist is available to accompany. You may also provide your own pianist or accompaniment tracks.

5. PROMPTNESS -- If you are late, you should still expect the lesson to end on the hour. If I am running late, I will try to give you your full lesson time. Please allow for some time flexibility.


In all cases it is the exercises and vocalizations which play such an important part in building the voice and developing good vocal technique.  This technique is gradually transferred to songs.  Several short periods of practice a day are recommended in the beginning weeks of study, rather than one long period.  It is recommended that students bring a high quality recording device (video or audio) so that each lesson can be recorded for use in daily practice sessions.