Teaching Philosophy

"From the amateur and recreational singer to the professional vocalist, my teaching is designed to help singers develop a sustainable vocal technique. The nature of the human voice is affected by every aspect of who we are -- our physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual state of being. Thus many factors play a role into why one might sing poorly. But rather than complicating matters by focusing on all the 'no's' in singing, I aim to provide students with an unobstructed view of how healthy singing can be achieved.

Realizing that there is no one singular methodology that accommodates the needs of every student, I present a variety of strategies all working to help singers strip away the entanglements that keep them from accessing their true voice. I partner with my students to remove any myths and confusions concerning vocal production, and to replace them with straightforward concepts that when applied, can lead to honesty and clarity in the singing and overall performance. As a result, the well-informed singer often comments on how happier they are in their personal life simply because they are able to express themselved more effectively through song."
                                                                                                                                           -Isai Jess  Muñoz


The teaching philosophy of Dr. Isai Jess Muñoz stems from his studies with the most renowned, international pedagogues.  His teachers of voice include Richard Owens, W. Stephen Smith and Cynthia Hoffman of The Juilliard School, Mary Henderson-Stucky and Barbara Honn of the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and Mark Oswald of the Metropolitan Opera.  In addition, his teaching is informed by his long-standing work with such noted conductors and directors as are Lorin Maazel, Zubin Mehta, Leon Botstein, Paul Gemignani, George Manahan, and Francesca Zambello.

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"It is very clear now from his record that Isai Jess Muñoz is an outstanding teacher of singing.  His genuine devotion to those who work with him instills his singers with lasting confidence, as well as with sensitive and important technical knowledge.  His incredible energy enables him to be attentive to a host of details in a student's performance, and his sharp ear makes him  aware of the difference between that which is good and that which is great.  I am proud to be a teaching colleague with Jess."  

-Richard Owens, Founding Artistic Director, The American Institute of Musical Studies in Austria, and Professor of Singing at Rollins College