"Isai Jess Muñoz elicited laughs as the hunchback Demo... the cast crucially, deftly navigated the boarder between slapstick and  genuine emotion."   

Isaí Jess
and pianist
Oksana Glouchko release
Visca L'Amor
Catalan Art Songs
of the XX and XXI Centuries
available from Bridge Records

 What's New

Sacred in Opera

The Sacred Opera Initiative from NOA

Isaí Jess Muñoz serves as  chair and senior editor of the National Opera Association's Sacred in Opera Initiative—a division of the NOA that explores through research and performance the interplay between music-drama and the ideologies of world religions. Visit the NOA Sacred in Opera Blog here.

Album Release

In their new album, “Visca L'Amor” tenor Isaí Jess Muñoz and pianist Oksana Glouchko offer an illuminating program focused on Catalan Art Songs of the XX and XXI centuries.

@ the University of Delaware

University of Delaware Logo

Isaí Jess Muñoz serves as professor of Voice and Opera at the University of Delaware School of Music. Read more on his work with the new generation of young artists.

 Upcoming Engagements

January 4-6

National Opera Association 2021 Virtual Conference

As this year’s NOA Vice President for Conferences, Isaí Jess Muñoz leads NOA’s executive team in offering over 40 workshops and presentations, The Carolyn Bailey and Dominick Argento Vocal Competition, The Robert Hansen Opera Scenes Competition and so much more.This year’s NOA Lifetime Honorees include Dorothy Danner (stage director), Alice Parker (composer), and Paul Tazewell (costume designer). Renew your sense of purpose, and join us as together, we explore and celebrate significant practices, methods and forward-thinking strategies.

February 13

"Chanson D'Amour" Solo Recital with Master Player Virtual Concert Series

Chansons d’Amour:

French Songs by Fauré, Debussy, Duparc and Liszt


This program celebrates the history of melodie (French Art Songs), which by the early nineteenth century had firmly established itself as a medium for leading composers, few of whom could resist the lure of dainty odes and sprawling epics written by literary authors such as Victor Hugo and Paul Verlaine. The genre of French Art Song offers an explosion of rich harmonic colors and hypnotic shapes that bask in the natural resonances of words, the repetition of vowel sounds and alliteration. It’s no wonder then, that the mysteries of love which have long been the catalyst of innumerable works of art, finds as intense a union with the passion and dramatic range of the melodie.

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